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ULTRAvemündathon or the  500km venture!
Finally time has arrived. Time fort he UlTravamündathon from Braunschweig to Travemünde.
Caroline Pasedach

There are locations in the world, which attract you so much, that you have to come back again.
Daniel Flöttmann

durch unseren Partner Sportograf haben wir im nachhinein noch ein paar schöne Bilder aus Duisburg erhalten.
Viiiielen Dank !

Two brothers sailing together in unknown seas….
We wanted to try something complete new and thought about participating at a 24h race.
Marcel Krahmann

Schalkenmehren or my first German Championships
I participate at the cross triathlon in Schalkenmehren every year since it was made up and I won the first race.
Doro Richters

Duisburg out of the sight of Bernd::
A fast told story, we were about 47place to bad. The girls made it better…
Bernd Schiermeister
Race Bulletin of the „24h of Duisburg“ 3. +  4. August 2013. Suse Rautenberg
Like every year at the first weekend of August, 8 maniac chickens met each other to defend their title from last year.
Susanne Rautenberg

Sunday, the 11.08.2013. = Like a public holiday for MTB-rider in HH.
That day in Buchholz, almost every rider of HH and of every race class met itself to race for the Championships of Hamburg.
The forest was quite hilly and really angled, so you almost get dizzy and you really had to push hard on the uphill sections.
Timo Kurth

"After our worse 24h premiere at the Alfsee it wasn´t just being a tale, when we spoke about the “ Night of Revenge””. At the same time the 24h race of
Duisburg was broadcasted.
Tanja was registered in a 4women team ( Mud chickens and friends).
Guido Pütz

Challenge Roth 2013 – We Did It
My pulse was already higher than 180, even when I registered myself for the Challenge Roth. It was incredible how fast all the starting lots were gone, but at least we had our lots. Now we had to wait for 12 months to participate at the legendary long distance triathlon in Roth.
Daniela Rohlfs

Salute Pirates,
The year went by really fast, and now it´s end of July again and I almost forgot to built up my MTB strength. But, after the long hard winter, but we are tough…
Bütti, Thomas Büttner

 Early in the morning I drove together with Martin and Roman towards Bavaria. It was really fresh outside, even when  you wear short pants and shirts..
Heiko Werner
Time to chill and BBQ in the Olympic Park of Munich, some other 24h race….
It was time again, time fort he 24h race in the Olympic Park of Munich, and for sure, Pirates aren´t allowed
to fail. Even if we took this year more time to chill and to BBQ. But as you all know, if we do something we
do it good.

Monika Reker
On  Sunday the 21.07.13 was the „ Karlsfeld Race Triathlon“ in Karlsfeld, near Munich.
A bright blue sky, clear water and in the beginning comfortable temperatures. Ideal conditions for the 1100participants.
Daniel Ritthammer

Eagle Marathon  in Goslar at the 20.7.2013
On Saturday the 20.07.13 I made myself up to take over the Harz. I wanted to ride 225km and 3500m of altitude that day. One day before I wasn´t all sure if I would make it, because I didn´t know anything about the race, But there was no way back. If I want to, I have to…
Caroline Pasedach

Greetings from the most beautiful village...
The former Bike Trans Germany, is now called Bike Four Peaks. Not only the name has changed even the region in the Alps. Now we were riding from Ruhpolding for 4 days over a really ambitious course towards Neukirchen/ Großvenediger.
Nils Gieskes

Around the  Elm
The weekend after a 24h race is just for sleeping I thought, or maybe not? I was not yet in a good shape again, anyhow, I registered myself for a race right in front of my door, here in braunschweig, all around the Elm.
Caroline Pasedach

Hello Pirates, here a race bulletin from Munich
At the 13.07. at 12:00o´clock was the starting signal fort he 24h race in Munich. This time the weather was really good not like the mud party last year. I rode together with Flo Kratz in a double team. By the way, I didn´t knew what a 24h race is up to and if I would stand it.
Michael Heins

24 h Race at the 29./30. of June 2013 in Driedorf
My team mate cancelled the race, and so I was in need of an replacement rider for the 24h race in Driedorf and because of this I called you said Matthias Allerödder on the phone just a few days before the race. I wasn´t quite sure if I should do this, my last race with Matthias was just a huge mud fight because of heavy rain falls.
Caroline Pasedach

It´s time fort he fight with the 3 snakes.
In the beginning of July the annually Snake –Triathlon took part in Schlangenbad about the distance of 600m swimming, 15km of MTB and 5,6km running.
Doro Richters

Hello altogether,
last weekend I started at a bike-marathon in Saalhausen just one day before the race of the MTB-Premier League.
Martin Krankemann aka Elvis

ITU World Cup Triathlon Series Kitzbühel: Zipf 12th , Alistair Brownlee won this race…
Kitzbühel, 06.
July2013 – The German Jonathan Zipf finished with the best result of the Germans at this ITU-Worlds Cup Series in Kitzbühel on the 12th place.
Daniel Ritthammer

"Houston we have a problem..." - Heavy 24h of Chemnitz
Like this you can call my rocket crash at the Heavy24h Race in Chemnitz, the largest and toughest 24h race in Eastern Germany.
Monika Reker

They got to be maniac....
Most of the others must have thought this, when we told the others what we wanted to do. To ride the Schwalbe TransAlp Tour,
powered by Sigma.

And what, well, they were right.
Heiko Lehmann

Last Sunday I participated at the Nehlsen Triathlon in Grambke/ North of Bremen
You could choose between a public, a sprint or a quad-triathlon (  Every three distance plus riding a canoe).
I decided myself fort he sprint distance. The weather was like a dream, we had sunshine and about 23degrees.
Tobias Gende

This year, they offered in the range of the Globetrotter Harz Triathlon two Xterra CC- triathlons. You could choose between a short or a longer distance. We decided us for the long distance of 1km swim, 32km MTB thru the Harz and all around Claustahl-Zellerfeld and 10km of running
Daniela Rohlfs

Team PIRATE Orientation :)
Ahoy Pirates,
I did a Navigation contest before in Mainz, I reported you. And because of the fact, that at 30.06.13 took another Navigation Contest part in our region, I was able to motivate Jan, to participate. He´s not that good on the bike like I´m but he´s better in navigate, and so it good be a familial duel.
Doro Richters

WVW Midsummer-Run in Wunstorf  22.06.2013
At the 22.06.13 it was time. Dirk, the Returner and Jörg the running virgin wanted to run a 5km race.
Dirk Kohlrausch
Jörg Papke

1 Tandem – 2 Pirates– 1 Flag– 1st place!
This year Phil and myself decided that we wanted to ride a tandem race again
Phil und Jan Ramsperger

I never did a complete triathlon before, just a Duathlon last autumn and in HH the relay-bike-part of an Olympic triathon. I you remember, Marcel was my sea horse.
Monika Reker

About 800 participants as well like lots of relay-teams, wanted to take part at this Alp-triathlon.

Daniel Ritthammer

Kitzenhaus run2013
All the girls of our family stood together and complete at the starting line of the Kitzenhaus-Run in Aachen, at the beginning of June.
Svenja Jütte

Whew, after the German Championships at the Alfsee, a 24h race.
Andre Döring

Nice race last weekend in Bremen
On my schedule this weekend stood two bike races, on Saturday evening in Osterholz-Scharmbeck and on Sunday in Bremen-Walle.
Timo Kurth

Hello Pirates,
Now almost everyone knew Fürth, after they have been in the 1st Premier League in Soccer. But he town got more, of course. This weekend we had the 7th edition of the Metropol marathon. It´s with about 6400 starters, including more than 1900 kids, the 2nd largest contest of this kind in Bavaria.
Thomas Werthmann

Hello altogether,
Something went wrong with the weather, because the race in Willingen was all dry, it was like a complete new experience. Even without racing or exercising that much I ended up in the mid-field on the short distance
Martin "Elvis" Krankemann

The 35. ASICS Stockholm Marathon 2013 took part on Saturday the 01.06.13
Tee start of the 35th Marathon of Stockholm marathon was in the morning, while we had wonderful running conditions, 19degrees, cloudy and no wind.
Klaus Morlock

For the Angel-Run of Aachen middle of May, we had autumnal weather right in the springtime…
It started really relaxed. I was on time at the location, but there was a long queue at the readout of the starting numbers and so the start was delayed for about half an hour.
Svenja Jütte

I started with problems with my knee, special thanks to some pills, it was bearable. My goal was to finish Top50.The start was at 7:30o´clock and Started from the last place in the first block. The first 15km you rode like in a convoy, than it was time to push the pedals, up and downhill and was able to re-gain some places.
Jan Ramsperger
Buchholzer Stadtlauf
My first 10km run, well, my first without swimming and cycling to warming up, and even this, I only made it once before
Daniela Rohlfs
No swimming at the  IRONMAN 70.3 in  St. Pölten
At the 7th edition of the 70.3 IRONMAN ST.PÖLTEN, they had fort he 1st time to cancel the swimming, because of the safety of the athletes.
Daniel Ritthammer

Robby and Beni on Tour
This weekend we had 2 races on the schedule. First in Celle, than a Premier League Race in Elxleben
On Saturday, we had a quick start and soon I was right in the leading group.
Benita Wesselhöft

12h MTB WC
While all of my bike friends went to Berlin, tp participate at the Garmin-Velothon of Berlin, I was heading south. I wasn´t sad about it, because my trip south was worth it. I wanted to ride my MTB, what else is more beautiful???
Caroline Pasedach

It´s been a while ….
This time we went to Alsdorf on Easter Monday, for the so called Easter- Run. It was dry but fresh. The start for
the 10km run was at 11o´clock. It was a hilly course

Svenja Jütte

Every 2nd year it´s time for the worls cultural heritage run of Bamberg. This time at the 5.5.13. Luckily weh ad some nice weather that day. Because of a knee injury in January, I tested myself on one of the hardest half-marathon in this environment.
Thomas Werthmann

MTB Race  Schäferwerk-Marathon in Dassel (Challege4mtb)
Ahoy Pirates,
at the 26.05.13 I rode my MTB race of the season, while we had wonderful rainy weather and about 8degrees. Normally we should ride 4 rounds a 14km. There were about 80 crazy biker, who wanted to participate at this race and not to stay at home.

Guido Kosler

A Triathlon in Gladbeck
It was a rainy day, like almost every day this year, here in the Ruhrgebiet.
Henning Feigl

Better late than none.  A small bulletin of the last races.
Benita Wesselhöft

Pirates in the Premier League
As you all know by the time, I hoisted our colors in the women Premier League. It started in Biedenkopf and Dautphe
with a TT and a road race.

Benita Wesselhoeft

Ketterer Bike Marathon in Bad Wildbad
At the 26 of May, was the Ketterer Bike Marathon in Bad Wildberg.
Michael Gnannt

24 Std MTB german champpionship at the Alfsee
Obviously we expected good weather end of May fort he 24h Championship…
Ronald Prinzlau

41. Rennsteig Supermarathon 25.05.2013
Eisenach - Schmiedefeld
Torben und Daniela Rohlfs

MTB European Championships of hobby and pro class in Singen
Every good viewer of the TV know, if you´re good in “ Singen”, you´re getting the “Recall”.
Michael Gnannt

Moin and Ahoy to everyone...!!! 
Well, Roth is moving closer and closer.

After we met again and discussed everything, we now know, what for we like to suffer. 
Rob Dreyling

Hello Pirates,
on Sunday, the 19.05.13, it was time again
…time for the Wiehen Cross race in Venne, near Osnabrück. It´s a public domain race, for everyone, who likes to ride his MTB.
Stefan Rolf

Kollerbeck Cross Country 2013
Pentecost is traditionally the meeting of the fast legs in Kollerbeck. A course which offer you a fast course, longer smooth ascents, a ramp, you get unconscious of and 5 awesome rounds of pain, while having nice weather, like in the last years…
Andre Döring

Hello again!
On Saturday the 12.05.13, I wanted to ride my 2nd MTB race this year.
Jens Kastler

100 km right thru the night…
An adventure bulletin by the Running Pirates of the Lausitz from their participation at the 12th Run&Bike in Neuzelle.
Harald Skopi

Female Pirate in uncharted waters
On Saturday the 18.05.2013 I started for  the 1st time at a MTBO contest. MTBO means MTB-orientating, and I wanted to try this. Than it was time for it, thank you Olaf from Black Tusk Racing by toMotion for the invitation for the campus sprint in Mainz.
Doro Richters

here you can see a picture of all Pirates in the area of Bexhövede Loxstedt.
Enrico Sehm

First MTB race of the TOP SIX Series, with heavy windstorms in the last days, the course didn´t become easier to ride. The course had to be shorten by the organizers, because it was almost un-ridable.
Wolfgang Huber-Juratsch

After a longer race break, I made up my way to a starting block at the 04.05,13.
Jens Kastler

Public Domain European MTB Championships in Singen (Hohentwiel)
We spent the Ascension Day Weekend in Hegau. Because of the fact, that in Singen took part the MTB marathon
Championships of the Pro´s and even of the public domain, we entered our accommodation in Gottmadingen.

Doro Richters

One Step was the bike-marathon in Aachen. Here I got a flat tyre in my after only 70km. Anyhow, I was able to complete the distance over 170km and 1500m of altitude, quite relaxed
Daniel Ritthammer

Beni and Robby at the Championships of Northern Germany.
This wonderful weekend we had a double contest. The Championships of HB,HH, SH and MP. On Saturday a TT and on Sunday a road race.
Benita Wesselhoeft
SingleTT in Edewecht
Well, just a short report of the TT in Edewecht on last Sunday. The weather, well, the weather was just allright. 11 degrees and hail, Who care´s? You had to ride 21km divided into three rounds of 7km. It was a wonderful course. I rode about 37km/ in average. It was allright, for the 4 or 5th time on my time machine.
Tobi Montana

Rocky-Mountain-Marathon 2013 in Riva del Garda.
Last year I decided myself to ride the MTB-Marathon in Riva del Garda. I already booked a hotel for this event in November. So, at the 03,05,13 we travelled their. I can recommend you our hotel, the Hotel Forte Charme in Nago, with a fantastic view.
Michael Heins

Robby and Beni at a senior class race
I got nothing against women races, but I still want to rock the men races as well.
Benita Wesselhoeft
Nordpark Duathlon Gladbach
I still had a bone to pick with these contest, the Run&Roll Nordpark Duathlon, from last year.
Robert Dreyling
Hello Pirates…
Even it´s not the biggest tag, but at least something new for the gallery…
Thomas Mennecke

Daniel Pacher reports „ EXECUTION“.
Mission accomplished…

Sunday, 05.05.2013, it was time again, after a DNF in Salzburg at the 28.04.2013, because of a flat tyre. We were being welcomed by a heavy rain fall only 10min before the start, while we had about 12degrees, which made the road all slippery. Luckily the rain didn´t last very long.
Wolfgang Huber-Juratsch

MHA Triathlon
The time has come, were we should strike and participate at our first contest after the long hard winter. We decided us for the MHA triathlon at the 28.04.2013 in Aachen-Brand over the sprint distance ( 500-24-5,4).
Robert Dreyling
GCC Part 1 and Part 2 – between pleasure and frustration
This year I want to concentrate myself on MTB-races, but I also want to participate at some road bike races, and because of that I rode the Tour d`Energy in Göttingen, the course is right before my house.
Caroline Pasedach

Brrrr….. Cold start of the triathlon season 2013 ….
Somehow, I wished me some more comfortable conditions for my first triathlon in the year of 2013. It was just 10degrees in Aachen Brand, the last Sunday in April, and no sun at all. But who care´s, I´ll start for sure
Svenja Jütte

Let´s travel to France and clean the sun. 7 wonderful days, with lots of fantastic trails and of course to enjoy the French Cuisine.
We also have lots of meters of altitude, riding towards the sun and with a awesome view over the –Cote d´Azur
Bernd Schiermeister

Triathlon while having ica and snow...
Well sounds even  more worse than it was, but we had a cold snap on the 27.04.2013, the day were the Neroman in Wiesbaden should start. It was raining while we had only 4degrees.
Doro Richters

So, who believes that the Burgenland is located in Austria is wrong. The 3Burgenland is located in the Bavarian Forest.
A wonderful place for your holidays, to exercise mountain races by bike or by running and of course to run a marathon.

Florian Kratz
No meat, no fish and everything is told about my result in Sundern over the short distance this year.
Frau Kaup

CityBike Marathon 2013 in Munich.
At the14.04. 13 it was time again. Time fort he CityBike Marathon right in front of my house.
Michael Heins

What does a MTB, if her is boring and a weekend is closing?  Exactly she is search of a bike marathon. Her choice, the Kellerwald bike marathon in Hesse. Just a road trip of about 200km.
Caroline Pasedach
Hello Ron, Hello Pirates,
Yes, we ran the marathon in Hamburg and yes, we made it across the finish line.
Mike Sonntag

Gran Canary Island or now you know where I got my shape…
After I reported you of two contest in the past, I will show you, where I got my shape from.
Doro Richters

11. Kyffhäuser Mountain Race
mishaps, missteps and mud:
The long hard and cold winter wasn´t the best to exercise.
Marcel Krahmann
At the 14.04.13, I started my day with a cup of whole wheat cereals. The first preparation fort he upcoming half marathon later that day.
Just another coffee and two more pretzel and I was ready for the train trip.

Florian Kratz
What do you do in the state with the highest mountains of Germany?
Michael Gnannt
Successful but displeased at the Polder Run…
But one after the other. At the 13.04.13 I participated at the 10km Polder Run in Mainz-Laubenheim under the best
april weather conditions.

Doro Richters
Something new every season. I stood with 80 other riders on the starting line..
Heiko Werner
After we escaped the Hell of the North, we started the very next day in
Kellinghusen with the home straight having a cobblestone pavement. Already in the first round I was able
together with 4 other girls to get away from the large group and but Caro still thought that we rode to slow and got off.

Benita Wesselhöft
Like in all the years before, my season starts with the Dachser Duathlon.
Robert Dreyling
Beni and Robby on tour    
This weekend, we had two races on our schedule: The Hell of the North and the race in Kellinghusen.
Benita Wesselhöft
Having a nice sunday in Meudelfitz 
We were all excited to ride our first race in Meudelfitz.
Some of us so bad, they even didn´t start…
Ronald Prinzlau

Robby and Beni on a road course:
After the CC-season, we went on our wedding trip, to the other side of the world, where it´s much more warm than here.
Benita Wesselhöft

14.04.13 – Tour de Fayence Kellinghusen (Public-Class)
„Bumpy season start“
On Sunday was the „Tour de Fayence“ in Kellinghusen.
I started in the public-class

Lars Burchert

Moin moin,
at the 13.04.13 was the first open exercise on the Heidering in Grambeck, the ground was all deep
and soft, but really good to ride on, for a first exercise of the season, after the long and hard winter.

Niklas Hansen
Brevet, 1st try…
23.March 2013 – normally we should have temperatures around 10degrees, obviously we got  -7degrees and I
wanted to ride in Wolfenbüttel a 200km Brevet.

Caroline Pasedach
At the  23.03.2013 we went to the  ADAC Enduro CUP in Melsungen, while we were having -5degrees.
You had to ride 4 assessment tests with 4 rounds on different grounds.
Heiko Werner

Roadrunner on egg hunt – Lent Fast all over and barf behind the finish line
Lent Fast , means, that you abstain from some usual habits.
Dirk Kunze

Indoortrail in the Westfalenhalle of Dortmund 2013
For the 2nd time, there was an Indoortrail contest located in the Westfalenhalle of Dortmund.
Henning Feigl

Ibbenbürener Cliff Run
Last Saturday, about 1000 brave people met themselves to participate at the 2nd Cliff Run of Ibbenbüren.
A hard course lay ahead of the participants, 25km and 520m of altitude. ) long ascents with up to 20%, forced every athletes to its limits.
Mike Sonntag

Race judge education in Hamburg
At the annual meeting of the National Association, they asked all the clubs for their help
and that the clubs should consult manned at the judge´s at the contests.

Ronald Prinzlau
6h of Ottobrunn
It was a normal day of the week. I was at the local bakery, when I met a friend.
Florian Kratz
Winter Triathlon
A well-staffed field at this years Championships of Germany in Winter Triathlon and also the ITU Winter Triathlon European Cup at the starting line.
Daniel Ritthammer
Yesterday was our day off and for today, we wanted to ride some sprints and intervall, my bonita was exhited about it…

Wolfgang Huber-Juratsch
My first contest of the year  2013..
I absolved it Trier by participating at cross-duathlon. It was called cross
of the aces, with the distances over 5km run, 26km bike and 5km run again, It also was the university and
national Championships of Rhinleland-Palalinate.

Doro Richters
Result of our first week on this island…we had everything, on Monday rain and storm, including a gale warning in red
Wolfgang Huber-Juratsch
Tiny Pirate becomes 2nd at the German Championships
5 degrees below zero and snowfall, a Saturday, where you wanna stay at home, on the couch under a blanket and
enjoy a hot coffee or tea, but this is one thing I only can dream about it, as a new
Caroline Pasedach
„A nice weekend“
Friday    Tristacher Night run, 950m of altitude, 6 Km,
Saturday:  Kitzbühel, Vertical Up,860m of altitude, 3312 m, ascent max. 85%,
Michael Zanon
last Saturday was the test run of the Ibbenbürener Cliff Run, and about 200 braves participated at it..
Mike Sonntag
Small female MTB-rider member of the Team Pirate
When I was still in school in 2002, I began my career with a MTB by riding CC-races. In my first season, I ended
up on the first place in the youth ranking. Because I didn´t like the short races really much, because
they´re to hard, I tried myself on long distance races. And at dual or fourcross-events. These were quite more stress free.

Caroline Pasedach
„Pirate Wicked Worldcup” 
Journal of the 1st brain-storming at the 22.02.2013

Beachrace in Egmond (Holland)
I think I´m not already enough handicapped, because of my job…
Bernd Schiermeister
"Blutsventje News" La Gomera - Ultima Parte; Preview Cycling Challenge Gran Canary
Hola Landlubbers!

After the
Canary Islands is before the Canary Islands…now it´s time for the 2nd half of my exercise camp on La Gomera.
She`s back....
Final of the  Stevens Cyclocross Cup 19.01.2013 in Buchholz
Ronald Prinzlau

Institute for sportive achievement diagnostic 2013

Heiko Lehmann / The Perfect Getaway
Pirate Wicked Worldcup now Online
As you all now, after the CC-season is before the CC-season…
What a pity, that the CC-season is already over, now we have to wait autumn to come…
I like CC really much, but tell why it is only during the wintertime???
"Blutsventje News" Live from La Gomera - Primera Parte
Hola Landlubbers!
Halftime in the valley of the king – Valle Gran Rey at my exercise camp on La Gomera. I got a Scott-bike from
the Bike-Station-Gomera and I rode the streets, roads, trails and more of Gomera
everyday, like having a Groundhog Day...

Ubi "Blutsventje" Weidner
Pirates in Norway
We wanted snow, real snow and not the fake one, so we travelled to Norway
Daniela and Torben Rohlfs
New Years Eve run in Mölln
Business before pleasure. I knew it, the day before. You ask why? I tell ya…
Leif Borlinghaus
"Blutsventje News" preview of his MTB-Exercise Camp on La Gomera
Hola Landlubbers,
04.01.2013, from this day forward, I´ll be again on my flower island La Gomera. There I´ll face my
“ Groundhog Day” again, for two weeks of my MTB-exercise
and also some yoga and Kundalini meditation…
Ubi "Blutsventje" weidner
First race ESK and last race of the Crosscup
Moin Pirates,
like in the first race of the Klaus Störtebecker Memorial Cup of the ESK Berlin, and it was a tough race by these guys.
Jost Litzen

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