Moin Moin,

last weekend I went to Albstart to participate over the course of 86km with 1850m of altitude. Somehow, the organizers of the ALbstadt Bike-Marathon remarked, that they gave us, wrong altitude input, in the last years. I started far behind from block F, that meant, that I had to pass 1600 riders to finish first.

The course didn´t became better because of the large amount of riders, but on the firs meadow I was surprised that the course wasn´t that bad. But soon it changed. During a downhill passage, it was so muddy, that you also had problems by pushing your bike.

Because of all the mud, my shifting gear made problems, it changed funnily from the small on the large chain in the front and in the back, I don´t wanna talk about. I waited every second on the moment, where the chain would block and I….

But who care´s ??? Finally, it was a really good organized race. This year they offered at the supply stands even cleaning of your glasses. I´ve never seen this before.

However, this year, you had to wait longer in the queue at the bike-wash, maybe because of the weather conditions.

Lots of greetings

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