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Welcome to our new, American website.
PIRATE is located in Hamburg, Germany, so don't be surprised if some of the links will connect you with German websites.
We do have plenty articles in English, so we invite you to visit our online shop, browse through our photo gallery and read our stories,
so that you can get an idea of what the PIRATES are all about.
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ULTRAvemündathon or the  500km venture!
Finally time has arrived. Time fort he UlTravamündathon from Braunschweig to Travemünde.
Caroline Pasedach

There are locations in the world, which attract you so much, that you have to come back again.
Daniel Flöttmann

durch unseren Partner Sportograf haben wir im nachhinein noch ein paar schöne Bilder aus Duisburg erhalten.
Viiiielen Dank !

Two brothers sailing together in unknown seas….
We wanted to try something complete new and thought about participating at a 24h race.
Marcel Krahmann

Schalkenmehren or my first German Championships
I participate at the cross triathlon in Schalkenmehren every year since it was made up and I won the first race.
Doro Richters

Duisburg out of the sight of Bernd::
A fast told story, we were about 47place to bad. The girls made it better…
Bernd Schiermeister
Race Bulletin of the „24h of Duisburg“ 3. +  4. August 2013. Suse Rautenberg
Like every year at the first weekend of August, 8 maniac chickens met each other to defend their title from last year.
Susanne Rautenberg

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